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 Upcoming Events


 The Question of Evil

Sunday, 3.16, 4-5:30pm


Join us for an honest look at the number one obstacle to faith in a loving God.



The Question of Evil, Pt II

Sunday, 3.23, 4-5:30pm


Our second night on this topic, we'll respond to your questions.



Redemptive Suffering, Adoration

Sunday, 3.30, 4-5:30pm


We'll explore the value of Jesus' suffering and how we can unite our suffering with His.




Dispel the Darkness

Friday, 4/4 to Saturday 4/5


An estimated 27 million men, women, and children are held in modern day slavery through human trafficking. Join us for an overnight vigil to shine light into the darkness of this evil and pray for change!

(Permission Slip Here)



Happy Easter!

Sunday, 4.20


There will be no regular Village meeting.




The Village @ St Thomas

530 Elizabeth Street

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Like our Patron St Thomas, we ask real questions– have real dialogue– and develop real faith. Throughout the year, The Village supports your faith life by drawing from the rich traditions of the Church to  introduce you to different prayer devotions, saints who can intercede for you, weekly meetings that apply faith to real life situations, retreat opportunities to grow deeper in faith, and opportunities to put our faith into action through service. In addition to all of this, The Village is a close-knit community and a place where authentic friendships begin! Let us be a part of your high school years- you will be a better person for it.


During the school year, The Village has weekly meetings on Sunday evenings in the Parish Offices from 4-5:30pm. We have regular socials and service opportunities. The highlight of all Village are retreats! These weekends are packed with the Sacraments, prayer, challenging talks, crazy games and lots of social time.


Top Ten Reasons to Come to The Village:



#10. If you don’t we’ll send something out to your house and it will not be a cheerful sea creature.


#9. Come discover jellyfish, the other white meat!


#8. We play Hide and Seek Tag across 5 floors...


#7. Our Village is eclectic, so with us you can just be yourself.


#6. The time has come for you to smell the inside of a durian!


#5. Come and celebrate that Dodgeball is not just for kids!


#4. You’ve got to meet our Village Idiot.


#3. The Condiment Fight Club. Prepare for battle!


#2. We have exhilarating weekend retreats each semester...


#1. Come to Adore the Source and Summit!